Business Coaching & Leadership Coaching

"Your business grows at the same pace as your own personal growth"

eBi provides business coaching, consulting, and training for businesses that want to become more profitable by increasing productivity and improving customer satisfaction.

eBi provides leadership coaching for leaders who want to develop stronger teams and organizations by improving team interactions and reducing defensive behaviours.

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Business Coaching

More Value. More Profit.

You deliver value to your customer by producing a product or service. We help improve how you deliver that product or service, resulting in increased profitably.

Working with you and your team, we deliver effective solutions and improvements while providing you with the knowledge and skills to sustain those improvements long after my involvement.

Client results include:

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Leadership Coaching

Inspire More. Achieve More. Be More.

You have ambitions, you have strengths, and you may even have a vision. This still not enough for you and your team to achieve your most ambitions goals. Human behaviour is as the heart of what enables incredibly effective teams, and identifying and changing particular behaviours is difficult for a team to do on its own. Its like trying to find all the grammar errors in your own writing; we often only see what we “think” we wrote. Working with a leadership coach can fast-track years of learning and growth and will result in improved team and organizational success.

Accelerate leader and team development and achieve all that you dream, as an individual and as a team. Working with individuals and teams, our focus is on helping them recognize their behaviours, both productive and unproductive, and understand what drives those behaviours. Together, we will develop new understandings and create actions that will increase the productive behaviours and eliminate the unproductive.

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Your business grows at the same pace as your personal growth

Consulting, Facilitation and Training

One-On-One and Team Coaching

Empowering leaders and teams to be ridiculously productive.



  • Each and every session was very thought-provoking and really put me to task with challenging myself to think deeply. Kevin’s coaching to think about ‘why’ and ‘where did that come from’ along with coaching on how to handle those ‘difficult’ situations resulted in some very useful tools to create my new ‘default patterns’. A very sincere thank you!

    – Vandana Paliwal