Are You Being Honest With Yourself?

Often, we sabotage own results without knowing it. We commonly tell ourselves things that aren’t even true. Yes, we often lie to ourselves about what we believe. Any change in results begins with a shift in beliefs.  Our beliefs can be deeply personal, and oftentimes exist at our subconscious level. Attachment to our beliefs can hold us back in ways we don’t even see.

So, if we can’t “see” our beliefs, how can we question them? An executive coach does exactly that, we listen carefully and ask questions that help you explore your beliefs and assumptions. This helps you learn about the ways in which you are enabling yourself and the ways in which you are holding yourself back.

Who do you need to be as a leader? How do you think a truly effective team interacts? What is the most productive way for you to respond when being challenged? What is most important to increasing staff engagement?

Behind all your answers to these questions are a vast set of beliefs. Some are obvious, others are not, and that is only the first layer! An executive coach will help you achieve greater results by gaining clarity about your beliefs and designing new behaviours and actions.

What results should you expect? Expect to see Increased trust, cohesiveness, and growth. Expect to see reduced stress, frustration and conflict. And expect these results to have a measurable impact on your leadership and organizational goals.

Contact me to see how I can support you in being your true self.

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  • Each and every session was very thought-provoking and really put me to task with challenging myself to think deeply. Kevin’s coaching to think about ‘why’ and ‘where did that come from’ along with coaching on how to handle those ‘difficult’ situations resulted in some very useful tools to create my new ‘default patterns’. A very sincere thank you!

    – Vandana Paliwal