Leadership Development

It’s no secret that the success of your business is dependant on the effectiveness of its leaders, from front-line managers to executive team. It’s also well-understood that developing leaders within has tremendous advantages. This is why world-class organizations make leadership development a key strategic priority.

It is also known that training alone is proven to have limited impact on actual results. So, it is critical that training be delivered in the context of real-world challenges. This is where eBi provides a unique delivery of training and coaching, applied to your real-time business challenges. We work with you and your leaders to identify projects that align with the leadership competencies they will focus on during training. Then we provide coaching as the leaders begin to apply new approaches, solidifying their growth and completing successful projects.

Our leadership training focuses on three categories: Self-mastery, Connecting, and Supporting. These are described in detail below. From these components, each training engagement is customized for needs of the organization and the individual leaders.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is an effort. It’s a conscious effort to develop our understanding who we are, how we see others, our universal beliefs, and our commitment to our envisioned future.

Self-awareness is the most important capability for leaders to develop. Studies have shown that is indeed impacts companies’ bottom line. Development of one’s self-awareness is a common thread throughout our leadership training and within our coaching.

Time & Energy Management

Leaders easily get caught up in the web of the daily emergencies, workloads, and responsibilities that fall upon our shoulders, and have little time to breathe and take charge of our professional life. Time is always ticking away, and we deeply feel its pressure. We need to work smarter, not harder.

We bring tools and best-practice that help leaders gain control over their most precious resource, their energy and attention.

Interpersonal Relationships

The digital (and virtual) age is dramatically reshaping the rules for organizational success. The new context demands renewal of leader capabilities and development of different approaches. Interpersonal skills are the social skills enable leaders to foster relationships, engage and motivate employees, navigate setbacks, and address performance issues.

These skills cross over to the Connection category, but they begin with the individual. We help leaders discover their unique style of interaction, develop awareness of their strengths and blind spots, and coach them in developing new and effective approaches.


Influencing behavior is not a one-time event, but a continuous process and investment that organizations should make in their employees. The most effective leaders are also incredible influencers. The ability to influence is an essential skill required by leaders, and critical to the success of any team or organization.

The best leaders are those who can successfully influence up, down and across the organization, impacting business results by driving behavior change. Again, these skills begin with the individual. We help leaders understand the components of influence and how they can apply their skills and personality in the most effective way.

Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most common components of leadership that companies wish to improve upon. It is a core leadership function and a key characteristic of a good leader. As a leader, you need to be a skilled communicator in countless one-one-one relationships and in groups and teams, both inside and outside of your organization.

We provide training that help leaders to think with clarity, express ideas, and share information effectively with their many audiences.

Motivation & Engagement

Leaders need to ensure that employees are broadly engaged before they can expect to increase motivation and productivity. Understanding the keys to employee engagement, understanding the drivers of motivation in employees, and creating the right environment for engagement and motivation are core leadership skills.

Technically we cannot make people feel motivated or engaged, but we can set up the right conditions. We teach current research and best practice to enable you to design the best environment and action plan for your organization.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is different from strategic planning. In many respects, it is even more important than strategic planning. To think strategically means to see and understand the bigger picture of what the organization is, where it needs to go, and how it will get there.

Just like any other skill, strategic thinking can and should be developed in emerging leaders and strengthen in seasoned leaders. Given strategic thinking happens every single day, there are plenty of opportunities to help your leaders improve their capabilities. We help leaders understand and practice the components and processes required for accurate and effective strategic thinking.

Delegation & Empowerment

Leaders cannot and should not do everything themselves. Leadership includes delegating and providing growth opportunities to supporting learning. Empowerment is not simply delegating a task and providing autonomy. That can lead to stress, frustration, and failure. Empowerment requires that you also mange an employees’ perceptions of their own performance.

Empowering your employees effectively will contribute dramatically to their level of engagement, and ultimately to their success and that of your business. We teach leaders the psychological theory behind empowerment and proved them with tools and skills to succeed.

Building Effective Teams

Success in business is always dependent on teamwork, as organizations consist of many, both formal and informal. Building effective teams takes more than teambuilding exercises. It requires a deep understanding of the skills, processes, and environments required to develop high-performance teams.

Using a model of five key competencies, we teach leaders what it takes to create the conditions for a high-performance team. Once understood and put into practice, it can become surprisingly easy to accomplish. We don’t just teach the concepts; we coach leaders in creating the habits associated with implementing these competencies.

Mentoring Others

Training is important and coaching is very effective. Yet, neither replace the need for mentoring. Mentoring provides a forum for setting, discussing, and dissecting a path to success with someone who has walked a similar path before. This is a critical skill for leaders, as they need to create a pipeline of other leaders to set the company up for success both today and tomorrow.

A good mentoring relationship is identified by the willingness and capability of both parties to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and disagree. We help leaders develop the knowledge and skills required to establish the required trust and design the appropriate environment and context to be a more effective mentor.

Working with Uncertainty

Turbulent environments increase the distance between winners and losers in competitive markets. There are few times in history that have been as turbulent for leaders as they are right now. Leaders need to act decisively and set an example for everyone in the organization.

While you cannot predict what will happen next, you are able take effective steps to ensure that you and your organization approach uncertainty in a way that allows it to thrive. We focus on four key concepts for leading during times of uncertainty: Informing, Connecting, Guiding, and Uniting. Framed in this way, leaders can handle uncertainty to and do far more than simply survive.

Leading Change

Leadership is inherently intent on bringing about change regardless of the context or scope. Highly successful companies stay ahead of the competition by making leading change a part of their culture. Leaders who know how to lead change bring forward and address employees’ concerns and involve them throughout the process.

We bring tools and best practices to our training on change leadership. Leading change rounds out our training and wraps all the components together to direct them at an identified change effort. Leaders will apply the their new skills to successfully implement a targeted change in their business in real time.

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  • Each and every session was very thought-provoking and really put me to task with challenging myself to think deeply. Kevin’s coaching to think about ‘why’ and ‘where did that come from’ along with coaching on how to handle those ‘difficult’ situations resulted in some very useful tools to create my new ‘default patterns’. A very sincere thank you!

    – Vandana Paliwal